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Nu-Tech Offer Gas Landlord Certificates

As a landlord, you should know and understand your responsibilities when it comes to gas safety for your tenants. Landlords are required by law to have annual gas inspections and obtain a gas safety certificate.

The team at Nutech Electric provides landlord gas safety certificates at competitive rates while providing superior service. We offer free quotes and guarantee all our work.

If you need a landlord gas safety certificate, let Nu-Tech Electric be your trusted partner to service all your gas safety needs. Simply give us a call or email today!

Landlord Gas Safety Responsibilities 

If you own a property that is let to tenants, the following is your responsibility when it comes to gas safety:

-Maintenance-gas appliances, pipework and chimneys/flues need to be maintained in proper condition to ensure the safety of your tenants. Gas appliances should be serviced on an annual basis by a certified gas safe engineer. Gas appliances that are owned by the tenant and not the landlord, are not the landlord’s responsibility, however, it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the connecting pipework and flue are in proper working order.

-Gas safety checks-all gas appliance, piping and flues must be inspected for safety on a yearly basis. Landlords can arrange to have gas safety checks done between ten and twelve calendar months from the previous check. Again, for appliances that are owned by the tenant and connected to flues that are solely used by the tenant’s own appliances, the landlord will not be responsible for their safety.

-Gas safety certificate-a record of the annual gas safety check in the form of a landlord gas safety certificate must be issued.

What is a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

This is a certificate, issued annually, which certifies that the gas appliances used in your rental property are functioning safely and properly.

Landlord gas certificates are issued by a gas safe registered engineer with the proper qualifications and accreditation.

What does a Gas Safety Certificate Check For?

First, all your gas appliances are checked to ensure that they are in proper working order and are safe for your tenants.

Additionally, the gas appliances are inspected to ensure that they are turned on to the correct settings and are subsequently operating with the correct pressure. All chimneys and flues are inspected to ensure proper ventilation of toxic gases.

Lastly, all safety devices on the verified to be in good working order.

The safety of your tenants and property is your number one priority as a landlord. Nutech Electric provides landlord safety certificates in an easy and convenient manner.

Let us help you to abide by gas safety regulations and keep your tenants safe. Give us a call or send an email today for your free quote!

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